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With about undergraduate majors, more than 80 graduate students, and some 34 faculty members, the English Department is the largest in the UHM College of. Global Black Literatures in the UW-English Department: New Professors and New Courses.

Learn more about the Global Black Literatures initiative and meet the new professors. English writing and literature courses are all designed to raise students' familiarity and fluency with the language.

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Composition, technical, and creative writing courses promote writing proficiency; literature courses fulfill associate's and bachelor's degree requirements while broadening students' understanding of the world’s cultures.

The faculty in the Department of English at Troy University deliver an English major, an English minor (with specialization in literature or creative writing), and a graduate-level TESOL concentration (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) as part of the Master of Education program.

Nov 06,  · The mission of the English Department at North Dakota State University is to cultivate understanding, knowledge, and appreciation of the English language, its speakers and writers, and its literatures and cultures, such that students and department members use the language creatively, critically, and effectively to participate ethically in civic and professional life.

Welcome to the Department of English. Students who study English and Creative Writing at Fresno State explore the power of language and literature around the world. Students in our five degree programs learn to write well in small, collaborative communities where students and instructors work together to analyze, apply, and construct meaning with a wide range of texts and for a variety of.

English departmnet
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